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Heather & Kathleen ABC Giveaway Finalist

Heather & Kathleen
Date of Wedding: May 4th, 17
Heather & Kathleen have been together for about two years;  the moment Kathleen saw Heather she knew she wanted to marry her.  The couple met online and lived in different states their first year of dating. Kathleen waited until they were under the same roof for a respectable period of time before popping the question. All in all the couple has been happily engaged for five months.
The couple love Star Wars and because Kathleen is marrying the best girl in the world she has agreed to incorporate a Star Wars theme into the wedding.
The couples entry:
This entry isn’t for me but for my fiancé, Heather. She deserves to win more than anyone. Let me tell you why.
A little over twenty months ago my fiancé and I braved the online dating world. After a series of horrible ( and I mean horrible) bad first dates somehow I met the person that would change my life. All it took was an impromptu selfie picture with her dog.
Max ( the pug) was abused before my fiancé adopted him. As a result of the abuse he was left with a broken jaw which caused his tongue to hang out. The picture that caught my attention included her and Max both with their tongues hanging out. Probably not the most flattering picture one could post as a profile picture but i thought it was adorable. Of course I was too shy to send her a message so I did what any shy person would do and sent her a “wink” instead.
Fortunately for me she was a lot more forward than I was and actually sent me a message. To this day I’m still not sure what intrigued her about me but after a month of back in forth emails and phone calls we made the decision to meet in person. I should also probably mention that she was located in Tucson, AZ at the time.
Meeting a stranger especially in another state leads to all kinds of thoughts like, “Is she a psycho”, Am I being ” catfished “? Could she really be a he? With those possibilities running in my head I decided to take a companion, my ferocious Jack Russell, Maya.
Six hours, two stops, and one navigational error later, me and Maya had arrived.
My ferocious Jack Russell was all licks and wiggles the second this beautiful blue eyed woman walked up to my car. To my relief she wasn’t a man, she was a real person, and from what I could tell, not a psycho.
For over a year we carried on a long distance relationship, both of us taking turns every three weeks to make the six hour trip each way between Albuquerque and Tucson. The drive itself says dedication. Anyone who has ever made the drive can empathize. Like every long distance couple we had to have the discussion about our future and where that would be.
Ultimately, my fiancé gave up her job, her family, and her home to take a chance on a future with me.
I’m grateful for her each any every day and thankful that she made the sacrifice that she did to be with me.
I’m also grateful for that little pug, Max, who we both credit for bringing us together. The little pug with a hanging tongue and the beautiful woman next to him. Thank you Max. Max unfortunately passed away five months later.
In tribute to Max my fiancé adopted another dog named, Murray, to give him a better life in his golden years.
Now we are a happy blended family with two dogs and a cat. We joke about having a household of geriatric animals since they are all over the age of ten.
Our animals mean the world so when it came to the proposal naturally they were included. The ferocious Jack Russell wore a t-shirt that said “will you marry my mommy” and the newly adopted pug wore a t-shirt that read “say yes mommy”. The cat was tasked with holding the ring. Now for anyone thinking about using a cat as a ring bearer you may want to reconsider. I forgot how much the dogs love to chase the cat so when it came time for the big moment the dogs starting chasing the cat around the house. At that point I had to tell my fiancé that the ring was on the cats collar. So there you have it, dogs chasing the cat and humans chasing the dogs to get the cat. What made it even more special was that Max made it into the proposal. How, you ask? Max was sick and we knew that he wouldn’t be with us much longer so about a month before he died I asked for his permission to marry his mom. He allowed me to take a couple of pictures of him with some messages for her – one was telling her thank you for everything she had done for him, and the other was giving his approval to marry her.
I knew I wanted to marry this women a year before I even asked.
I may be biased but I think if you met my fiancé you could see that she is one of the most genuine, selfless, and big hearted individuals you could ever meet. If I could give her the world I would. Right now I’m just trying to give her the wedding she deserves. A cake of her dreams would be a start so she can get what she really wants instead of what’s in the budget.
Thank you for your time and consideration.  ~Kathleen


  1. Spirit says:

    Omg! Kathleen you made me cry. Hope you ladies win!

  2. Stephen says:

    Kathleen and Heather have my vote!

  3. Lisa Trabaudo says:

    So happy for you both! KC (Kathleen – I don’t think I knew your real name…lol), you deserve all the happiness I’m sure Heather has to offer!!

  4. Andrea says:

    This could not be given to a better couple! KC, I am so happy you found someone who makes you smile! You both deserve a life filled with happiness. You have my vote! Congrats and best wishes to you both!

  5. Paty says:

    Congratulations! I hope you win the cake!

  6. Tish says:

    I can’t wait!! Finally, you’re gonna be so happy, KaceFace! Heather has helped you become someone you aren’t afraid to let out. I’m happy for you both.

  7. Stacia says:

    What a lovely story! Thank you for sharing it! I too met my honey online! We are in our sixth year together! One of the best! Good luck and this counts as my vote!

  8. Dia says:

    I’m trying to vote for Kathleen and Heather, but I’m clueless… how do I record my vote? I need to vote for these lovely ladies. They need cake.

  9. Danielle says:

    Congratulations, hope you ladies win the cake!!

  10. Mandi says:

    Hope you win; what an anazing story!

  11. Anice says:

    Congratulations KC & Heather! I love the story and I think you deserve this and so much more! Very happy for you!

  12. Nicole Morgan says:

    Omg, KC! I’m so happy for you! Not even mad that this is how I found out you are engaged Lol! Love you, kiddo! You deserve this! Voted and shared! My best wishes for lasting love and happiness to you both

  13. Dawne R says:

    What a great story! I hope you two win!!

  14. Sonya says:

    Awwwww KC! I’m sitting here crying all over my new baby. What a beautiful story!
    Love you both so much- may you and Heather always have your cake and eat it too!

  15. Tami Guthrie says:

    Sweet story! Best of luck to you both!

  16. Patrice Bahnsen says:

    I vote for KC & Heather and hope they win the cake. I don’t know how to vote either.

  17. Reesa Fickett says:

    May the 4th be with you, always!

  18. Marcia Hischier says:

    Heather & KC have my vote! Let them eat cake!