Cake Pick Up Disclosure

ABC Cake Shop and Bakery is not responsible for any cake picked up by the customer. After it leaves our premises, it is solely the responsibility of the customer. We do place support structure inside the cake and uphold the highest standards to ensure a safe transport, however, if the recommendations below are not followed, we cannot guarantee a safe arrival or that the cake will remain stable throughout the event.

When travelling with a cake it is imperative that it stay on a flat surface where nothing can fall on or touch the cake. Most vehicles have uneven or slanted seats which may cause the cake to shift. Also, no one should ever ride with a cake on their lap! It can be unsafe for the passenger and the cake. Although some smaller sedans do have a flat space in the trunk, there is often not enough space for larger cakes. We recommend a hatchback or SUV as they generally have an easy to load back that is flat.

We do not recommend boxing any cake as the box may shift or touch the cake. Also, tiered and many custom cakes are too tall or broad for a standard box. Should you request it, some smaller tiers or custom cakes may be able to be boxed, however, we will not box anything three tiers or larger for the safety of the cake. For larger cakes we do offer a bottom tray that can prevent the cake board from slipping.

Cakes must be kept at 65-70°F and out of direct sunlight. Your vehicle must be enclosed and especially in the summer, working air-conditioning is strongly recommended.

In order to avoid unnecessary movement, we recommend driving directly from our shop to your final destination. If you have multiple stops to make, please make us your last one.

Finally, please drive carefully, turn and brake slowly, and avoid jostling the cake.