November 25, 2016
Gingerbread House

History of the Gingerbread House

The tradition of making decorated gingerbread houses started in Germany in the early 1800s. According to certain researchers, the first gingerbread houses were the result of…
November 8, 2016

Pies, a Thanksgiving Tradition

A Thanksgiving Tradition: PIE. Nothing quite says ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ sitting around the table enjoying that first bite of seasonal pie with your loved ones. But one…
October 21, 2016
halloween treat

Happy Halloween

Do you know how Halloween started? Halloween may be the only American holiday that is not associated with a particular feast. Nineteenth-century Irish immigrants brought the…
October 15, 2016
baking a cookie

Baking a Cookie – Magic? Or Science?

When ABC Bakers puts a tray of its delicious cookies into the oven, what happens is, believe it or not, strictly science. Baking is chemistry, that…