Gluten Free Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies

ABC Cake Shop & Bakery in Albuquerque provides gluten free cakes, cupcakes & cookies. Given the recent rise in awareness for celiac disease and the benefits of a low gluten diet, many people feel like they have to sacrifice for their health. We here at ABC Cake Shop and Bakery want to show you a better option. You can still indulge on your special day with our gluten free vanilla and chocolate cakes and cupcakes! Even better, all of our fillings and icings are naturally gluten free so you can add any of your favorite flavors and you never have to skimp on the buttercream! Just stop by or give us a call 48 hours prior to your event to order your gluten free goodies today!

We are your bakery for all your Gluten Free sweetness.  Please call us today to order your gluten free sweets! 505.255.5080

Gluten Free | Sugar Free

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