Planning a Super Bowl Party

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Planning a Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party

NFL Super Bowl Cupcakes

Having a Super Bowl Party? Don’t fumble on game night! Here are some tips and must have foods to score big points with your guests:

  • Determine the number of people to invite. Keep in mind how much space you have. Plan on where you are going to broadcast the game in relation to where your guests can sit.
  • Make a list of decorations and food you would like. Don’t have time to prepare everything? Have some friends help out by bringing a dish to pass!
  • Get the paper products and party supplies: sturdy paper plates, lots of napkins, big plastic bowls for setting out snacks like popcorn and chips, big tubs for drinks because you likely won’t have room in your refrigerator.
  • Set up all of the tables and put out serving dishes the night before. Having a few different food/drink stations is wise if you are having a large party.
  • Pre-order favorites like pizza, wings, and cookie trays.

Contact us to pre-order some our popular treats for your super bowl party:   505.255.5080

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