Meet Vanessa Correa and Matthew!

Meet Vanessa Sierra and Kevin!
October 18, 2017
Meet Michelle Ortega and Fiance!
October 18, 2017
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Meet Vanessa Correa and Matthew!

Welcome to our Fall 2017 Dream Wedding Cake Giveaway Contest! We’d like to introduce you to our couples, there are 3 this time around so read their stories and comment (or like on facebook) to vote! The winners will be announced after voting ends on Monday October 23rd and we’ll post pictures leading up to and after their wedding so you can follow their story as it unfolds!

“I am entering this giveaway for my best friend, Vanessa Correa and her soon to be husband Matthew Lujan.
Vanessa and I have known each other since we were 10 years old, she met Matt in high school and you can say it was love at first sight. In the last 15 years they have been through so much. Vanessa went off to college and then was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. Matt went off to the army and was later sent home due to a disability discharge. As they were both going through these circumstances not only in their lives but in their relationship Vanessa became pregnant. In 2007 they had their first child, Isaiah. As the years went on their relationship became an on and off relationship for so long. They later went on to have other relationships where Vanessa became pregnant with her second child which was not Matt’s. However, Matt had also gotten another girl pregnant around the same time. Even though they both tried to make it work with these other partners it did not. The love Vanessa and Matt have is strong and true something you rarely see these days. Matt proposed to Vanessa on New Years Eve, the next day I seen them and the look they both had was pure happiness and I knew this was the beginning of one of those fairy tale love stories. They deserve the very best this is why I am entering in this giveaway. For their special day they deserve everything they wish for and more. So I ask please pick these 2 for this wedding cake giveaway.
Thank you!”


  1. ConLi Stueber says:

    Vanessa Correa and Matthew!!!

  2. Monica says:

    Vanessa & Kevin are truly a match made in Heaven. They love each other and they love the Lord. Winning this dream cake from ABC Cakes would be such a blessing. Thank you, ABC Cakes, for your many years of business in this community, and for all the delicious cakes you’ve made for our friends and family. You are truly the best bakery ever!