Fresh Baked Cookies- Albuquerque

Fresh Baked Cookies– Albuquerque

At ABC Cake Shop & Bakery we bake our cookies fresh daily.  You read that right! Fresh baked cookies right out of the oven daily!  We have a variety of cookies; from our classic fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies to our amazing iced cookies you are sure to want more.


Many of us have fond memories of baking cookies alongside a family member as a child. Learning to measure out each ingredient, cracking eggs and using the beaters for the first time. Scooping out just the right amount of dough on the cookie sheet and waiting impatiently for them to be done.

When you enter ABC Cake Shop those memories will come rushing back to you. The smell of sweet cookies fresh from the oven will spill over you as you enter. Let ABC Cake Shop help you create “Moments that Matter” with a dozen of our fancy frosted cookies. We have seasonal and monthly specials from watermelons in the summertime to all of your favorite winter holiday treats too. We also create traditional cookies such as chocolate chip, oatmeal and biscochitos.

Times have changed and many times we simply don’t have the time to bake at home. Do you need a quick and easy treat for your child’s class party? Have you been asked to bring dessert to your next company pot luck? Consider fresh baked cookies- Albuquerque for any holiday party, birthday party, corporate function or even as a gift.  Our cookies taste just like homemade cookies because they are baked fresh love, just like you remember.  The ideal gift for a friend, family-member or associate.

Stop in today and see the yumminess for yourself!