Every month ABC Cake Shop & Bakery switches out monthly cupcakes, cookies & dessert cakes. Get in every month to try something new!

Fresh Cupcakes

Happiness is only a cupcake away! Cupcakes can remind us of school days or they can become decadent works of art. Each of our cupcakes are made from scratch and are topped with rich creamy frosting and decorated by hand. Try one of our monthly specials or one of the many flavors we have every day!

Fresh Baked Cookies

All you need is love… and cookies. We have cookies for every occasion! From the everyday treat to wedding favors. Cookies for every holiday, season and more! Enjoy cookies without having to spend any time in the kitchen.


Dessert is a course that concludes a main meal, but to us it’s so much more! Dessert is a meal that makes the whole day better. We offer desserts for every occasion, from cookies to birthday cakes and everything in between.