Teacher Desserts and Appreciation

Teacher desserts and appreciation…

(1600) 2 Tier Teacher Cake - Teacher Desserts and Appreciation

Celebrate becoming a teacher or the teacher in your life with this 2 Tier Teachers cake with apple, eraser, crayon, chalk, and pencil

Teachers are such a vital part of a child’s education.  Most teachers start preparing for a new school year weeks before the official back to school season.  Teachers spend a lot of their own time and money to help make an inviting environment to help kids grow as a community and academically.

To become a teacher you must complete a minimum of a four year bachelor’s degree.  In some states you are also required to be working toward or complete a one or two years masters degree.  Teachers must also pass a test to obtain their teaching license.  Teachers are required to complete continuing education classes through their careers, so they can stay up to date on all the latest and greatest in education.

There are so many ways to show your appreciate to the educators that spend endless hours with your child.  You can start the school year with our amazing decorated sugar cookies.  Surprise your child’s teacher sometime during the school year with a decadent Caramel Apple Cupcake.  Order a specialized cake sporting your school logo for Teacher appreciation week or for the end of the school year.

Show the teachers, administrators and staff how much your appreciate their long hours, dedication and love for your children with their favorite dessert from ABC Cake Shop & Bakery in Albuquerque.

Teachers are our children’s heroes in the Duke city and the surrounding Albuquerque area.  Let’s support them every day of the school year! Teacher Desserts and Appreciation!