Summer Fun Cookies, Cakes & Sweet Treats

Now that your mouth is watering will it be summer fun cookies, cakes & sweet treats or…?

Summer Fun always includes summer fun cookies, cakes & sweet treats. Summer is filled fun and laughter. Let ABC Cake Shop help you create “Moments that Matter” by supplying your baked treats for all of your summer gatherings.

We’d like to share with you a little summer trivia behind some of our scrumptious summer selections!

Snow Cone cupcakes can ofter be found in our July Summer Specialities. Snow Cones came about in the late 1800’s as the Industrial Revolution lead to the Ice Houses. New York shipped ice to the steamy state of Florida. Around Baltimore the delivery people would be stopped and asked for shaved pieces of the blocks. Mom’s started to anticipate the shipments and created flavorings.  In Baltimore today, Egg Custard remains a popular flavor.

Monsoon season is a thing here in The Land of Enchantment. Rainbows abound during this time.


Summer Fun cookies, cakes & sweet treats at ABC

Fancy a little something more tropical? Our tasty 3 Lime Cupcakes and Pina Colada cupcakes are ready to please even the driest palates at your summer pool party. The Pina Colada came about from an swashbuckler history when the Puerto Rican Pirate Roberto Cofresi offered his crew a concoction of rum, coconut and pineapple to boost their morale. we’re not sure if it worked but we do know our Pina Colada cupcakes will boost the morale of any summer gathering!

Cookies! Who can forget the cookies? Bikinis, watermelons, ice cream cones, sunshines… What is your definition of summer? If you can day dream it, we can make it!

Have you decided?  Will it be summer fun cookies cakes and sweet treats or…?