Halloween Cakes Cookies and Desserts

When fall comes to an end and winter is about to beginning the only thing people have on their minds is celebration. Halloween is a time when kids get to dress up in colorful costumes and roam the streets to fill their bags with treats from houses throughout the city. It is even a time when adults get to celebrate while dressed in their favorite costume.

But how did Halloween become such a tradition you ask?

Halloween has been around since for about 2,000 years, it goes back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. It was originated in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France. October 31st marks the last day of the year on the Celtic calendar. It was created to celebrate the beginning of winter, when the cold comes and nature seems to be dying. The night of October 31st is also the night the ghost of the dead can return to earth too. During the celebration the Celtics would dress up and build a huge bonfire. Scottish and Irish immigrants brought Halloween to America during the 19th century. This holiday was not big till the 1900’s when decorations and cards were made.


Today Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated with friends, family, and even communities. People will decorate to make their homes fit the spooky  theme, carve lanterns out of pumpkins, watch horror movies, go to haunted houses, kids will go trick-or-treating throughout neighborhoods, and costume parties are a big way people celebrate Halloween. These parties have bobbing for apples, finger food, and sweets!

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