Fathers Day Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies

Happy Father’s Day from ABC Cake Shop & Bakery!

This special day is the best day to show your Dad your appreciation for what he is; the best Dad in the world. We can’t be in this world without our fathers, and they have provided us many things from the clothes on our backs to useful tips about life. They have always been the reliable man in our lives, and they have always treated us with a stern yet loving hand. There are so many things to celebrate fathers, and the best day to throw a celebration for them is during the day dedicated solely to them; Father’s Day. Nothing says happy father’s day better than a personal, custom Fathers Day cakes, cupcakes & cookies from ABC Cake Shop & Bakery. Although fathers may seem unemotional, they are quite suckers for messages and sweets telling how much you appreciate what he has done for you.

Read more wishes and quotes:  Father’s Day in the United States is on the third Sunday of June. It celebrates the contribution that fathers and father figures make for their children’s lives. Its origins may lie in a memorial service held for a large group of men, many of them fathers, who were killed in a mining accident in Monongah, West Virginia in 1907.

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