Baby Shower Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies

Baby Shower Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies…

Is there anything more exciting than sharing the upcoming arrival of a little one with all of your friends and family?

Since ancient times the rituals and traditions surrounding the pregnancy of the mother and the birth of the baby have been observed. The concept of the modern day shower came about in the Victorian Age with some notable differences. During the Victorian Age when decorum and an air of purity and modesty were important a woman was rarely seen pregnant outside of the home. In fact just the use of the words pregnant or pregnancy were nearly taboo! The showers began as tea parties for AFTER the baby was born. It was a ladies only tea party where hints of modern day party games began. Presents were usually handmade except for grandma’s gift. They started the spoiling early with gifts of silver.

Modern day baby showers are unique and fun.

Showers don’t just celebrate mommy and baby, the whole family gets involved. Couples showers are very popular. Families and friends, men and women, old and young all gather together to celebrate with the family to be.

There are so many themes to choose from. Enjoy a Baby Q or perhaps a Burgers Beer and Baby Talk theme.  Diaper parties are big hits too. Always popular are traditional themes with lovely flowers, foods, tea cookies or cupcakes and sweet gifts for the new arrival.

(2287) Pregnant Mommy belly with foot Baby Shower

Mommy to Be Baby Shower Cake


Times may have changed since the tea parties of old but the tradition of welcoming new life into the world remains strong. However you decide to welcome your little one into the world,  ABC Cake Shop loves making the perfect baby shower cakes, cupcakes and cookies  for your celebrations.  Call us today to order your baby shower cake 505.255.5080!